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Hello and G’day to you today, my name is Donna today we’re going to use tea bags to grunge up some playing cards “altered playing cards” You could grudge up anything with this method. It doesn’t have to be just a playing card So I’m going to start off with two different tea bags and tell you why you should use one instead of the other and I’ll also show you why you might paint your tea bags with the tea mixture rather than soak them. I’ve got some tea bags these are… There’s two different brands here. I bought this cheaper brand Because I thought when I tea dye my papers that this would work really well Which it does great for tea dyeing pages, but for this method all I get is two separate pieces of squares they’re too little to do a real lot with these ones here I Get a much bigger tea bag piece Cheap brand These are the known brand I just take the staple out And I used my pokey tool are you I do this while it’s dry So just very gently undo the staple do not rip the teabag paper So then your string all come away then unfold it And I’m just going to tip it up because the end is open and I’m going to get rid of the Tea leaves. Then I’m going to just open up one end and Very gently pull that apart All right, so now I’ve got my Flat piece Alright now this one here what we have to do Is I need to cut it And cut it again and I’m going to cut it really close to the edge About the tea bag and there’s really no way for me to Recycle or reuse that tea bag without Cutting it up here because it just doesn’t give me any way that I can Undo it without having that seam still there so if that seam doesn’t bother you you can do it like that But it bothers me (you could still overlay them together) So for this method are like using these folded bags much better get a bigger piece of paper Now when I soak these tea bags in the water in hot water They come out really really dark So we’ll undo this one Again I’m being careful not to Rip my papers They’re much harder to deal with after they’ve been soaked in the water It’s Messier this way soaking it and then taking the tear out The papers fragile. It feels very dry There’s a post to this paper that’s much nicer to handle I’ve got to scrape off all these tea leaves that are stuck to the paper I Have pulled it apart and got a better piece of paper than that that that one’s easel a little bit rough All right, so there’s the plane There’s the paper that was soaked with the tea in it and there’s a piece that I put a teabag in some hot water and then got a paintbrush and just dip that in the hot water Tea brew and then just painted it and then set that on a plate to dry If we wanted a little bit more color in some areas When it was nearly dry come back and just do a little bit more second coat You can glue that on there and then you can use your Distress ink and come along and just use your blender and come over it and color it with the blender and That is what I use to achieve this So that that works if you don’t have or if you don’t want to use the tea method So that one would Probably work. Okay on the 8 of Spades But if I was to put that on the King, it’s going to cover up too much of my design. It’s too dark This one here If it was too light It’s still going to give me that nice aged. Look Rather than the stark white you really see the difference You can really see the difference there and if you wanted to add to it you just do the edges with your distress ink So let’s do both of these We’ll do that one in the dark and that one in the light All right. Now, I’m just going to use Mod Podge. You can add a little bit of water to it Or you can just put it on straight Entirely up to yourself Now before I start I Like to sand paper my playing card I’ll just scratch it up and it gives it a bit more aged. Look You can scratch off the back and that also Gives it an aged look You got that nice damaged spot there I’m just going to pump a little bit of water there I don’t want to water this down very much Cover the whole card with Mod Podge We use this one We can Squish that paper together to make those rip bits disappear and then come back over the top And squish it down you could have put this paper on an angle You didn’t have to be perfectly placed down the center another thing I noticed as soon as you put any moisture on these cards they start to curl This one here it curled and I just kept bending it back that way as it was drying and it’s nice and flat now Can you see it curling Where it’s ripped there, I’m just going to leave that and color it with some distress ink We’ll do the same with this one Can make some wrinkles in it deliberately to give it some good age Press it down. So like the lighter one If it’s too light you can always come back in and darken it up don’t forget that it’s very controllable That’s curling but I’m going to leave it until it’s dry enough for me to flatten out So I’ll be back shortly when they’re dry It’s nearly dry so I can persuade it to come back this way. I need the difference It’s it doesn’t take much You definitely see the curve in that just give it a little bit of help to come back that way and There’s the curve God Still a little tiny bit tacky, that’s the best time to get rid of that that roll We can just go around cut the edges off that You can rip the edges if you want to really make it rough So, it’s your call whether you like it dark or whether you like it light I know I can build on this lighter one here. I Can, you know add a little bit more? color to it I can like I said earlier I can do it Using the distress ink and I can do it with the tea water I’ll just dip my brush in it and do it again Sometimes the dark one takes away from your project and sometimes it adds to it That’s got the plain paper on it to give it something to grab to with the vintage photo distress ink three entirely different looks And what I use them for not just to stick in pockets and CD cases I used them to make repositional Repositionable discs or just cut them out using my one inch punch Put the repositionable glue on the back and I’ll link the video here on How I’ve made some of these and how I use them on my envelopes It just gives a little bit of a variation on how you can use your playing cards Not only to do colored paper and book pages, but use your cards as well. I think you’ll get to use this technique on how to alter your playing cards. You can do it using tea or distress ink This is just a little Tim Holtz tool that roughs up the edges you can use your scissors Or any tool you got if you wanted to go to that stage of making Your card that little grungyer just do it randomly here and there Don’t do it all the way along the edges if you want it to look more natural try and pick out a bit like that Jam it into it And that’s for you really need to do just random bits here and there And get your ink dab it on and just push it into those things so that you don’t change them Just pushing it in Just done my finger pushing it in Patting it on the edge and that will get it right into the surface of that grungy bit. We just made me roughed up But there’s a nice roughed up old color. You can leave it like that or do that. I think you’ll get to use this technique on how to alter and Grudge up your play cards

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8 thoughts on “how to make grungy altered playing card ephemera | junk journal ideas

  1. great video donna! i wonder how it would work if i dump the tea out from the unused tea bag, open the bag up and soak those in the brewed tea? hmm, i'm going to have to try that. thank you so much for sharing, your cards are a delicious bit of grunginess for sure!

  2. The entire video, I kept wondering what I'd do with the cards once I altered them — then you showed the temporary seals. I should have known you'd answer that question. LOL.

  3. You can rinse the too dark tea bags after you open them up and remove most, if not all, of the very dark color. I do this all the time.

  4. I guess it depends what you want to use them for. I like the rough feel to it for some projects. The same with using the square ones. ❤

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