How to Play Baseball Poker : Learn the Card Values in Baseball Poker

The best hand at that time can’t have the
option to lead off of the betting. We actually have a pair of queens over here. But let’s
say or the purpose of the hypothetical demonstration everybody checks. Deal another round of up
cards. There is a betting round let’s say hypothetically everybody checks and then one
more up card, so we had 2 down cards and 4 up cards. Then let’s say everybody checks
there is one more down card and the best five hand card wins. This is stud I take 5 of my
7 cards and here I have 2 pairs, seven and sixes. The next hand I have 2 pair aces and
queens, over here 2 pair kings and 3s and finally a full house, 3-10s and 2-5s. And
that is how you play stud.

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