How to Play Basic Blackjack : Splitting a Hand in a Game of Blackjack

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village
in this clip we’re going to be talking about the strategy known as splitting or to split
a hand in 21. For example the player is dealt two Aces, the best they can do is a 12 so
they decide to split the hand, they have to equal their wager and now they have two separate
hands which the dealer will now deal one card per each hand. Being dealt a 10 and a soft
17 they choose to stand on the 21 and hit on the soft 17, with the 3 card they got a
soft 20 beating the dealers 19. They’re paid double one for each hand, now remember
a player may split a pair of cards only before they have received a hit.

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3 thoughts on “How to Play Basic Blackjack : Splitting a Hand in a Game of Blackjack

  1. A soft hand is one where you have an Ace valued at 11, therefore a "soft 17" is an Ace and a Six card. This works out this way because an ace can be valued as a 1 or an 11. If the ace is valued as a 1, then the hand is considered "hard." To the other question, you can only split a hand when you have two cards of the same value including Aces as demonstrated, and only before you have "hit." Essentially you would split just after you have been dealt your cards if you so choose.

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