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blackjack is one of the most common
games in the casino but it’s also one of the most dangerous
to your bankroll if you don’t know the right way to play once you’ve watched this video you’ll be
familiar with all the rules and you’ll be ready to continue to our
next video explaining basic blackjack strategy but before we get to gameplay let’s go
over a few basic concepts in blackjack the goal is to beat the
dealer the player wins if his hand as a higher value than the dealers without
going bust the player also wins if the dealer busts
and the player doesn’t busting is when the total value of the
hand goes over 21 and when players bust they automatically
lose regardless of whether the dealer busts as well next you need to learn the card values
deuces through nines are all counted at face value while tens jacks queens and kings have
value of ten aces can be either one or 11 so if
you’re dealt an ace or a 5 your hand has a value of six or 16 the most powerful hand is an ace any card with a value of ten this is
called a blackjack if a player’s dealt a blackjack they
automatically wins unless the dealer also get a blackjack
in which case the hand is a push now let’s look at how a hand of
blackjack plays out each hand begins with everyone getting
two cards all cards are dealt face-up except for
the dealers last card which is dealt face down the players all have to act first and
have four options hitting standing doubling down or
splitting a pair hitting means you want another card and in
blackjack you always use hand signals to tell the dealer what you want to do if you want to hit just tap the table in
front of your hand players can take as many cards as they
want until they either stand or go bust if you’re happy with your
hand just wave your hand over your cards to
tell the dealer you stand on certain powerful hands you will want to
double down doubling down means you make a second
bet equal to your first and received one and only one more card
to tell the dealer you want to double down just place your second bet right next to
the first one if the players first two cards are a
pair they have the option of splitting them
and playing two separate hands to tell the dealer you want to split just
count out a second bet equal to your first in place a outside at the batting box on the felt
the dealer will then split your pair and you’ll play out two separate hands
some casinos will offer you a separate bet called insurance when the dealer is showing an ace all you need to know about insurance is
that it’s a bad bet and should always be avoided after all the players have finished building
their hands the dealer flips over there down card and decides whether they
should hit or stand whoever has the highest hand without
going over 21 wins and a blackjack automatically wins
against everything except another blackjack winning bets pay out at one to one unless the player wins with a blackjack
which pays out at 1.5 to 1 now that you know all the rules make
sure to water next video to learn basic blackjack strategy visit for more great casino strategy

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  1. I have been looking for a good guide on blackjack this is the best I found. I don't understand why you only have 700 views

  2. What happens when you're dealt a blackjack? Can I double down, or is the round over? Turns out, I think my family's been playing it wrong for a year.

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