How to Play Casino Poker Games : Best Starting Hands for Omaha Holdem Poker Game

Let’s look now at the best starting hands
in Omaha and Omaha Eight or Better. Starting with Omaha, the best hands, there’s actually
somewhat of a debate. American players like this. Ace, ace, king, king, double two, but
actually in Europe this is suppose to be the best hand. The best starting hand. It’s kind
of even percentage wise, but the thing about if you have ace, ace and then jack, ten and
you’re double suited is that with the jack and ten you have more ways to make a straight.
If you’re trying to make a straight with an ace, king, you have less ways to make a straight
than if you’re playing a jack, ten. Either way, if I peek down in my cards in Omaha and
if I have either of these hands, I’m very happy. As a matter of fact I might even raise
before the flop.

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