How to Play Casino Poker Games : Deal Omaha Holdem Poker

Let’s look now into how to deal Omaha also
known as Omaha hold’em, start to finish. This is a three handed table; the white chip will
represent the button, the figurative dealer, the small blind is one chip and big blind
is two. Now Omaha is a community card game just like Texas hold’em but instead of two
cards as a starting hand every player is dealt four. The thing to note is that unlike in
Texas hold’em in Omaha you cannot play the board. You must use exactly two cards from
your starting hand and merry those with three cards from the board. Now the small blind
and the big blind are already in so this person looks at their hand and they say “that is
good enough” they are going to call and see the flop. You don’t see a lot of raising before
the flop in Omaha because it is a game where the real action is seen on the flop. This
person looks at this hand, it’s getting good odds to call, he calls and now finally the
big blind peeps this hand and he actually got a really good starting hand for Omaha.
I got a pair of kings, he has some connectivity with this queen right here and he has two
suits, so he has a number of ways that he can make a good hand.

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