How to Play Casino Poker Games : Deceptive Hands in Stud & Razz Poker Games

That flush would work in Stud whereas it may
not work in Holdem. Then the seven and six can draw pretty well in to a straight. Now
let’s look at a hand that’s not so good in Stud. My up card is an ace. Maybe I’m pretty
excited about that. Maybe the other players are leery of me about that. But look at my
whole cards. Seven and a deuce. We got no connect activity here. It’s not suited at
all. We might make a low end straight with this. This is actually a pretty good Stud
Eight or Better hand, but in regular Stud I would think hard about throwing it away.
Now let’s look as some Razz hands. The best possible starting hand for Razz is three-deuce-ace.
Remember, ace is low in Razz. Here I am actually working on a five low. If I get a five low
in Razz, I’ve got the best possible hand. I’ve got the nuts, nobody can beat me. A five
low in Razz is like a royal flush in most other poker games. And then lastly, a bad
hand for Razz is as follows; we have an eight up, and then a four. That’s so so. If this
card lower than a four we might play. Alas, it’s another four. So I started with no better
than an eight low and I’ve got a pair. Actually I want to think hard about throwing this in
the muck. Definitely don’t want to bet a bank roll on it.

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3 thoughts on “How to Play Casino Poker Games : Deceptive Hands in Stud & Razz Poker Games

  1. Well with razz some other and I think more important factors are your opponents board cards. 8-4-4 against double and triple bets from 2 and 3 door cards easy dump. One opponent left to go showing a King and it's an easy raise and reraise spot. Its situational

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