How to Play Casino Poker Games : High-Low Strategy in Omaha Holdem Poker

Very fun and interesting variation on Omaha
is called Omaha High-Low or Omaha Eight or Better. And what it is, it’s a split game,
in that it’s possible for one person, one player to take half the pot for a high hand
and then another player to take half the pot for a low hand. Let’s see how that works.
Here we’ll play fix limit. Dealer, small blind, big blind. Dealer looks at his hand, calls.
Small blind calls. Big blind checks. The pot’s right and we deal a flop…six, five, deuce.
Now this particular flop is very interesting in Omaha Eight or Better and perhaps I will
be able to demonstrate why it is actually interesting. What you see is that in addition
to a straight draw, there’s also a possible straight out there. So the nuts right now
would be four, three. If I have four, three I’m pretty happy. I’ve got most likely the
high end locked up and I’ve got a good shot at winning the low end. If I can win both
halves of the pot, I do what’s called scooping the pot. So if I have this I’m going to bet.
Here’s a call and a call. Pot’s right, dealer turn. From here it seems to be smooth
sailing. The ten is not a scare card. If I’ve got that straight or if I’m working on a low,
I’m pretty happy. Some more betting occurs.

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