How to Play Casino Poker Games : No Limit for Texas Holdem Poker

Okay, time to talk about No Limit Texas Holdem.
This is the game that everybody’s in love with, even now several years on in the poker
room. But here’s how No Limit Texas Holdem is played. Let’s say that the small blind
is one and the big blind is two. Well, the thing about No Limit is that you can bet whatever’s
in front of you at any time. So, I’m first to act, I look at my hand, I don’t like it,
I fold it. It’s in the muck. Come to the dealer. Dealer looks at his hand, he likes or will
at least represent that he likes it. Now one thing he can do, is he can just call, right,
but this is No Limit and if he just calls he is probably going to get pushed off. So
he can raise. He says “raise”, he puts out his call and then he puts out ten times the
big blind. I’m sorry, five times the big blind. That puts pressure on these guys. Well, let’s
say that the small blind looks at his hand, he doesn’t really like it. It’s just king-deuce.
That’s going in the muck. Well, the big blind, he knows that the dealer is not a tight
player at all. He’s a very loose player and as a matter of fact he’s got this, ace-king,
big flop, pretty good hand. A three handed game is worth going broke with. He says I’m
all in, because in No Limit Texas Holdem at any time you can put all your chips in the
pot and that forces the dealer, the person with the dealer button to have to think again
and really consider if he wants to put all his chips in, his remaining chips with the
hand he’s got. Funny thing is he’s got jack-two here. He folds and our hero takes down a nice
size pot.

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