How to Play Casino Poker Games : Play High-Low in Omaha Holdem Poker

Pot’s right, there’s the river. Now what we
have here is, we have a hand that definitely has the possibility of the low. The nuts is
a straight to the six and then someone might sort of get suckered in to playing top two
pair if they have jacks or tens. Some more betting occurs and then we look at who wins. Small blind
has a pair of queens as his high hand and then the jack, ten and five play. That’s
his high hand. We also have to consider his low hand. He has a very strong low. He actually
has a low six, five, three, deuce, ace. It’s a very good low hand. There’s actually only
one low hand that could beat it which would be the straight to the five. Here’s the
big blind. We’re not really sure what the big blind was thinking staying in, but he
wound up with top two pair. This would actually be a pretty decent hand in regular Omaha,
but we’re playing Omaha Eight or Better. We’re playing high-low. At this moment he does have
the high hand because he got two pair, but he has no chance at the low. He’s missing
out on half the pot. And then finally let’s look at the dealer’s hand. Oh, what you know.
The dealer made the straight. Six, five, four, three, deuce. Big blinds out and the dealer
has the six, five, four, three, deuce. Unfortunately that’s also his luck. So he loses half the
pot to the person in the small blind. So they both will receive half the pot.

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