How to Play Casino Poker Games : Play Omaha Holdem Poker with Fixed Limit

To two. Big blind says “I raise”. He goes
up to four. Small blind raises even more. Four plus two is six, he’s up to six. I’m
sorry that was the dealer who raised to six. And now small blind looks at his hand and
reconsiders, folds. Big blind can raise again or he can call, and he just calls. Pots right, deal one in to the muck, turn
the river. Now since this is a two-four game the initial bet will be four. Big blind says
“bet”, puts out four. The dealer says “raise”, he puts out eight and the big blind calls.
He can raise again. He can raise up to four bets, but he just decides to call. Pots right,
burn one, turn the river. The big blind decides he wants to protect himself from having to
put to much more in to the pot, so he checks and the dealer wanting to get maximum value
bets, puts out four. Big blind says “call” and we’ll see what happens. Considering that
the dealer was the last to bet, he’s the first to show and in this case he makes a pair of
aces with a jack kicker.
So his hand is ace, queen, I’m sorry, aces, queen, jack, six. Now let’s see what the big
blind has. And look at that. Set of twos. Big blind scoops the pot.

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