How to Play Casino Poker Games : Play Texas Holdem Poker with Fixed Limit

All the money’s in the pot there, and here
comes the flop. Burn one, turn the flop, and now here, again we’re betting, betting amounts
of two chips. So if small blind likes his hand he’s going to say “bet”, he bets two.
The big blind wants to stay in or wants to raise he stays in he calls, if he raises he
says “raise” and goes up to four. Let’s say big blind raises. This person over here looks
at his hand, decides his cards are no good; he throws them in the muck. Same here, this
person doesn’t like his hand, throws them in the muck. As it happens, the small blind
has top two pair. He decides that he wants to get the most out this and he raises again.
He goes from four to six. Here the big blind has nothing but he doesn’t know what he’s
doing, he calls. We burn one, we turn one, now we’re at four. Small blind gets a little
coy, he checks. Big blind says “bet”. He puts in four because remember this is two and four
and on the turn it’s four instead of two. Small blind does what’s called a “check raise”.
He says “raise”; he puts out eight, which is four plus four. The big blind in this case
has no sense and calls.
Finally, we burn one, turn the river, all the cards are dealt. On the river, it’s said
that it’s best to do your betting, do your own betting, don’t check raise anymore,
go ahead and bet. Again it’s a two-four game. The person who wants to lead out bets four.
This guy, he can only make high card king, he actually folds. Small blind scoops the

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