How to Play Casino Poker Games : Razz Versus Stud Poker

Now there’s another Stud variation that you’ll
see sometimes in a Casino. It’s a low ball game. It’s called Razz. What do we mean by
the term “low ball”? What we mean is that the lowest hand in the particular hand of
poker wins. What you want are five of your seven cards which are not paired and lower
sequentially lower than your opponents five of seven cards. How do we do that? Well let’s
look. Here we have just like in Stud, two down cards and then an up card. Well already
this person is working on apparently a nice low hand because aces are low in Razz, and
this person is working on a four low. Okay. Betting occurs. Now this person has a four.
The best possible hand they can make here is a five low and again this person best possible
hand they can make is a five low. This is getting very interesting.

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