How to Play Casino Poker Games : What Is a Good Hand in Omaha Holden Poker?

Now moving on, another smashing starting hand
to have in Omaha is this one. Jack through eight, double suited. You got the jack-ten
of spades, the nine-eight of clubs. This hand is, first of all, in additional of being double
suited, it’s what’s called a wrap around straight draw. If I’ve got this hand I’ve got a lot
of ways I can make a straight or a flush. Might even make a straight flush. Might even
get extremely lucky and make a royal flush. This is a powerful hand in Omaha and I would
think very seriously before I would let it go before seeing the flop. Now here’s a hand
that is very strong in Omaha Eight or Better. It’s a pair of queens; you’ve also got straight
draw possibilities with ace-queen. You’ve got flush draw possibilities with the two
diamonds, ace high flush and then any time in Omaha Eight or Better that you have an
ace and a low card, you’ve got a good shot at the low. Ace plays either high or low and
it works toward your low. Very good hand in Omaha Eight or Better. Now in either game,
either Straight Omaha or Omaha Eight or Better, this is a marginal hand. But it’s worth
seeing a flop with if you’re getting good value, say six to one or eight to one or ten
to one on your money. Six-five suited, six-three suited. You got a pair; you’ve got some straight
possibilities and some straight flush possibilities. You’ve even got a long shot at a low, but
really if I don’t have an ace to go with one of my low cards I’m not happy about playing
this for a low.

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