How to Play Casino Poker Games : Which Poker Games Are Played in Casinos?

Poker keeps growing. Who know where the current
poker boom will end? As popular as Texas Holdem is, there are other games that you’ll find
in casino’s poker room setting that are very cool, a lot of fun to play and I think everyone
should learn to play in them. Because, actually if you learn to play a game like Omaha, it
makes your Texas Holdem game better. These are games with names like Pot Limit Omaha.
Sounds fun, right? Stud, the classic poker game. Stud Eight or Better, a very fun game.
We’ll show you in a little bit about here. And Razz, what kind of poker game has a name
like Razz? Well, it’s a lot of fun and I must say what we are going to do is take sort of
a general ten thousand foot view if you will, of all the games that you’re most likely to
find in a casino’s poker room. We’ll show you how to deal them and how to bet them and
give you a bit of advice during this segment.

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