How to play crazy 8s -kids card game – tutorial

Here’s how to play Crazy 8s It’s a great game for kids learning how to play cards for the first time. The object of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. Here’s how to play: Here’s how to play. First remove the jokers… You don’t need them for this game. Then shuffle the deck. Next, deal five cards to each player, or seven cards if you have only two players. Place the rest of the deck in the center turn over the top card The player to the left of the dealer goes first they have to either play a card, or draw one from the stockpile To play a card, it must either match suit of the card on the top of the discard pile. or match the number. For example, if it’s a three of diamonds you have to play any three or any diamond. Then it’s the next player’s turn. If it is a seven of clubs, you can play any 7 or any club. If you don’t have a card that can be played, then you must draw one from the pile. Then it’s the next player’s turn. This game is called Crazy Eights, and 8s are wild and crazy The player who plays an 8 must state the suit which must be played next For example, if you play an 8, you could say “hearts” and the next player must play a heart. If he is unable to play a heart he must draw from the pile. “Hearts!” The first player to get rid of all their cards wins. Here’s a tip: Since 8s are wild and can be played at any time on any card, Save them for when you really need them. Here’s another tip keep your cards close to you so that
other players do not see what you have. There are a lot of variations for this game But we have found it easiest when you are teaching new players to stick with this basic version. Have fun!

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  1. What if you have 3 heart cards (with the deck asking for hearts), could you place them all down at the same time ?

  2. Very cool family games..

  3. When crazy 8s, uno, war and old maid get old, try Ship's Wheel Card Game for a change. It's like no other and good for all ages.

  4. i play this game muuuuuuch differently at break time
    here are the rules me and my friends use
    power cards:
    2~pick up two (when the player picks up 2 cards he/she can not play that turn, also however many twos there one on top of each other is how many the player picks up ex: there is two twos laid; the player would pick up four)
    3~ the only three that is powerful is the three of spades, it does nothing, soooo powerful ikr ;-;
    4~skip a turn
    8~wild card (the player who lays the 8 chooses what suit to change it to)
    J~switch directions
    Q~most queens are powerless but the queen of spades is pick up 8

    1~ a card laid is a card played
    2~ a player may only put down a card of the same suit OR number/letter at there turn
    3~ you may put down up to 4 cards at once (8 in two decks and so on) AS LONG as they are the same suit
    4~if someone sees someone else's card they may only say "your bleeding"and NOT what cards the player has
    5~if a player can not put down a card they must pick up ONE card from the deck
    6~ when a player gets down to 1 card (right after they lay down their second last card and before the next player goes) he/she must say "last card" or he/she has to pick up five cards

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  6. Try changing the rules a bit, where as not just any eight would change the suit, but try this,,,,,place a 2 of the same suit and the other player next in turn would draw 2 from the deck, unless that player also has a 2 in which case the next player draws 4 and so on, also, change the rule for the eight being used as a wild card, to an ace, and and eight of the same suit would make the next player lose a turn, and playing a 7 of the same suit would reverse the play (if playing more than 2 players, but if only 2 players, then the 7 would be redundant).

    The game is much more interesting if you're drawing cards by either not being able to take a turn, or drawing from placing a 2, the game would then take a little longer,,, and the player that spends all his/her hand is the winner, and the end of hand scoring is the ace and 2 is 15 respectively, all other cards from 3 to 10 are face value but the picture cards , K, Q, J = 10 each, and the player that has the lowest score is the overall winner, (but a time limit would need to be agreed on, previous to playing).

  7. They are playing it wrong. When ur opponents take out 2 of any flower it's called take two card. U hv take two unless u have Ace card. if he says take two u put ace on the table if u don't have ace u take two cards if u have 2, u place it on the table nd says take two. He will take four. J is turning game unticlock wise then clockwise again, 7 is jump. The opponent next to u will be jumped by the game

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