How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Deal a Follow the Queen Poker Hand

Okay, let’s deal a sample follow the queen
hand, follow the action, see what happens. We’re going to skip the betting here, deal
our face down cards and our first up cards. A queen comes right out the door, now queens
are wild and aces are wild. Okay, betting will occur, and the ace will actually bet
first because it has the natural value. At this point no queens have come, the person
that has the ace has a pair of jacks. The person with the queen shows a pair of twos,
now a pair of kings, the action keeps going. No new queens have come out. If we get through
this last round of up cards and no queen comes out, then queens and aces will be wild. Oh,
queens comes in the last card, so this is where your house rules will have to come in.
Do you have, do you keep the ace as the secondary wild card or does this queen kill the ace?
We’re going to play that it kills the ace. So now, only queens are wild, just four wild
cards. Deal our down hand, then the person who bets last is the person who has to show
their cards first. We’ll say it’s this person here. And look at that, they have a straight
to the ace. Naturally that their queen doesn’t have to be wild. The next hand, well, the
next hand unfortunately is a high card hand cause the aces are no longer wild, so we’ll
just fold that. Moving around, again a natural hand the only poker hand that can be made
is a pair of nines. And then lastly, look at that a natural flush, wow seven clubs came
out to that hand. So this is actually a natural flush, natural straight flush, look at that.
Natural straight flush to the king, of course that beats the natural straight.

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