How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Example of Follow the Queen Poker Hand

Let’s try another sample hand of follow the
queen and we’ll include the betting this time. In this game the ante is one and we have agreed
to house rules of a minimum bet of one and a maximum bet of two. So we start ante is
in the middle of the pot we’re dealing four handed, deal our down cards and our first
round of up cards. Queen comes right out of the door, a 7 follows queens and 7s are wild
at this point and the best natural card value is the one that bets here. In this case that’s
the queen, queen looks at the hole cards decides to represent some strength and bet one. The
person with the 7 looks at their hole cards look at that they have another 7 in the hole,
at this point they have 3 6s. They are actually rolled up in 6s but they know that things
can change in this game especially if they have a secondary wild card early. So they’re
just going to call, these two folks call and we move on. Some up cards come out and the
best hands showing is a pair of 4s because 7s are wild. Some more betting occurs, more
up cards come and we don’t have anymore up queens so 7s are still wild. At this point
the person with 2 aces, the ace plus the wild 7 is going to bet, the pots right.

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One thought on “How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Example of Follow the Queen Poker Hand

  1. Follow the Bitch. I've played poker is 13 different prisons, and hundreds of basements/dens/Chinese Bodegas and Mafia Clubs. Never once have I heard this game called ANYTHING other than follow the bitch…

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