How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Five of a Kind in Follow the Queen Stud Poker Game

Now in following the queen just like all stud
poker games, you take seven cards and make your best five card hand. When you’re using
wild cards like in following the queen, you have the possibility of a hand that can not
exist without wild cards and that is five of a kind. Demonstrated here I got the two
cards I’m not using up here and then I got 3 aces and 2 queens, the queens being wild
gives me 5 aces. Now my personal preference I don’t like this hand if I can convince the
players around me that this hand doesn’t count that we don’t play five of a kind. Then that
is what I prefer, now if at your game the majority of people want to play five of a
kind then you need to figure this out where it falls in the hand higher anarchy. Does
it beat a straight flush or is a straight flush better? You’re going to have to decide
this bases upon democracy. But this is how you can make five of a kind in follow the

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