How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Follow the Queen Stud Poker Game

Casino poker is a blast free of wild cards
and that is a good thing, it can be a lot of fun and skilled rules in the casino. Now
in your home game of course wild cards are totally allowed and they can be a lot of fun.
Probably the most fun wild card allowed poker game ball is one called “follow the queen”,
it’s also known by a couple of different names. One of them being “chase the wild lady”, wild
because it’s a wild card, lady because it’s the queen. Now I actually learned this game
when I was nine years old and I loved it ever since it is a very fun game. Basically it
allows you to have four wild cards minimum and up to eight and the skill changes it has
more twist and turns than a summer movie plot, that I like to say. So let’s look at it now
it’s a lot of fun let’s look at follow the queen.

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