How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Four Wildcard in Follow the Queen Poker Game

You probably have the concept but just to
make sure let’s do an extreme demonstration of how quickly and often the wild cards can
change in follow the queen. We deal our first up card and right out of the gate we get a
queen. Now this person is happy about having a wild card, this person is going to have
on too, so at this moment queens are wild twos are wild. But what comes next a queen,
twos are no longer going to be wild now tens are wild. You probably still want to be cautiously
because with two queens left in the deck and twelve up cards to come it’s still a decent
statical chance that another queen will come face up. In our extreme demonstration another
queen comes here and now jacks are wild, tens are not but another queen comes here. Now
nines are wild so just be careful early on if you have a secondary wild card because
it can and statically will change.

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