How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : Tips for Playing Follow the Queen Poker Hand

And we deal four more up-cards. A queen comes.
Sevens will no longer be wild unless a seven comes out here, and it’s a five. So no queens
and fives are wild, and remain so, because that’s the last up-card. Another round of
betting occurs. The person who had two aces still has to aces, because they caught a queen.
This person over here also has two aces because they caught a wild five, and they have two
aces with an eight, so they get to bet. And then there’s one more down and dirty card.
Let’s say, hypothetically, that everyone checks. That means that this person–the person who
initiated the last betting round, will show their hand first. remember that queens and
fives are wild. We have two threes in the hole, and that actually had a five in the
hole, so this time, they have four threes. Going around to the left, we have a hand that
actually is a flush, when you use this queen. Flush does not beat four of a kind. You may
want to discuss in your home rules, how many wild cards can go into four of a kind, and
if a natural flush would beat that, or if a natural straight would beat that. Here we
have a queen and a five as the wild cards, and two sixes, so four sixes is going to beat
four threes. And finally, the last hand, only has the wild queen, and can only make three
sevens as its best hand. So, in this case, four sixes wins.

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