How to Play Follow the Queen: Poker Games : When is Queen Wild in Follow the Queen Poker Game?

Now just aerate how to follow the queen works,
let’s look at another hand two down and a round face up. Queen comes out six follows,
sixes are now wild I’m just going to deal the hand real fast, see if any more queens
comes out. In this case no queens have come out faced up except for that first one so
the sixes remain wild. This does not happen a lot but let’s look again at what hands we
have, we’ll start with this one. No wild cards came on this first hand so it’s actually a
natural hand and the best we can make is a pair of 7’s and then the next 3 highest cards.
Going to this hand, remember queens and sixes are wild and we have a queen and a six and
then two 10’s, four of a kind. Moving around we have six and the best hand that can be
made, here is actually a pair of kings. Then lastly again this player had the fortunate
of getting a six no other wild cards they did make a straight, ace 2 3 4 6 is wild and
they have a five. Unfortunately a straight does not beat four of a kind, four tens wins.

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