How to Play Four Non-Intuitive Blackjack Hands with Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

hi and welcome to our instructional
video that is designed to make you are smarter gambler my name is Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino
guide number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and
travel and the only book that comes with over
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American casino guide and this video blackjack expert henry
Tampere in discusses for confusing hands where
players first thought may not be the correct way
to play the hand properly also the basic playing strategy is
logical to players for example players understand that they
should hit 16 when the dealer shows a six off court or they should split dates when the
dealer shows 5 however some other basic strategy is not so intuitive and these are the cancer I’m going to examine now give you
some justification for why we have to play by the basic playing strategy and the first not intuitive hand I want
to discuss as a hard 11 against dealers 10 basic strategy says to double down on a
level against dealers 10 however the reality
is many players will check it out and hit instead because they were afraid
that the dealer has a pat 20 well did you know that when the
dealer has a 10 up card and he doesn’t have a black
tracked he will wind up with a twenty roughly 33 percent of the time meanwhile a player holding an eleven and taking just one card by doubling
down has roughly a 31 percent chance of
getting a twenty-one by drawing a 10 and 8 percent chance of
making a twenty when he draws a non moreover you are
more likely to make a 20 or 21 with a one-car draw to your 11 that the
dealer is to make the twenty think about this if you draw a7 a nine or ten and the dealer has the same card in the
whole you’re still gonna win so for these reasons this is why basic strategy tells you to double down
eleven against tap the second not intruded hand that I like to cover
is splitting eights against the dealer time if I told you that playing and a twice against a dealer 10 loses less money and playing a sixteen once would you believe me probably not
but guess what it’s true when you hit 16 against the deal 10 now pay attention to
those you’re gonna win only 23 percent of the
time and you’re gonna lose seventy-seven
percent meaning you’re gonna win about forehand side up seventeen this is why
holding a 16 against the 10 is the worst hand in blackjack however when you’re sixteen is a pair of eights you have an Al got out is splitting because now your chances of
winning when you start each hand with a single a against dealers 10 are 30 8 per sec in both cases either hedinger splitting you’re going
to lose money but it’s still cheaper to win 38 hands and lose 62 on each split 8 then to win 23 cans and lose 77 once by hitting this is the real reason why when you’re dealt a pair
Bates against the 10 basic strategy says always split that the third not intuitive hand splitting
lines against the law and you know it seems logical that you
should split lines when the deal shows a small cork however most players they just don’t see the logic behind splitting lines
against the dealer now I so they decide to stand with their
strong 18 however hard 18 will be a dealer small line only a times are up twenty to get close to
break even on this hand you need to be aggressive in Split and you should also keep in mind that in
most casinos the rules allow you to respond but and
FF to splitting is permitted so that’s an added incentive to split
your nine’s because if you do and you draw true for
example you now have the opportunity of doubling
down on that 11 so for these reasons this is why you should always split mines
against an online play by the basic plan strategy the last
more intuitive hand that I want to cover as a soft 18 against a dealer small most
players think that if they’re they’ve got an 18 that they’re almost
surely gonna win the hand but in the long run you’re gonna end up
losing more money and winning however because you’ve got and ace in your hand with a soft 18 you have some flexibility if you stand
on that soft 18 you’re gonna win about eight times are
up twenty if you hit you’re gonna win Pauline are up twenty hands say take your
chances either you win eight times or nine times obviously it’s better to win nine times which is why basic strategy says you
should always here soft 18 against the law if you wanna
learn more about me you can go to either one of my web sites either smart gaming dot com or Beej insider dot com and if you go to the BJ insider dot com
website you can sign up for three free issues my Blackjack insider newsletter don’t
forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube
channel was go to YouTube dot com slash American
casino guide

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27 thoughts on “How to Play Four Non-Intuitive Blackjack Hands with Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

    A Big Fan,
    Wolfy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Is Mr. Tamburin's strategyย based on a single deck, doubleย or four deck shoot?ย  My thought process is this – doesn't having more cards orย players change the percentages?ย  Thanks for the video's.ย  They are very informative.

  3. Henry Tamburin's advice is mathematically researched and works! I follow basic strategy, and on all these hands I get unfair criticism from less educated players at the table. This is especially true on the hands Henry discusses here. I know I'm playing the right way, but they criticize me because I'm not doing what most players do. You just have to follow what the expert says and not let those annoying people bother you.

  4. Hey Now!
    I've been cussed out in at least 6 languages for playing correctly- I just don't let it bother me.
    Great job on the video guys!

  5. How do you figure the house edge when they charge .25 cents per hand. It is 3 to 2 black jack and they hit on soft 17. $5 min. bet

  6. Whenever I have a soft 18 against a dealer 9 I will never hit because it always turn into a 12 or worse, and when you hit again you'll bust.

  7. For 88 v 10 the Hi-Lo surrender index is +1 or higher if you wanna refine the play a bit ( and the casino offers surrender of course ).

  8. that is not valid for european rules because of there is not hole card. so you should not double 11vs10 situation. it means basic strategy changes according to rules!

  9. Ironically, A7 against a high card is one of those hands Ed Thorp had and played correctly when he first played blackjack with a "small" $10 bankroll.

  10. Compare Henry Tamburin's strategies vs. John Patrick's videos. You will see lots of opposing views on certain plays.

  11. I am having trouble understanding how spitting 8's vs. 10 and losing 62% of the time, TWO TIMES is better than losing ONE HAND 77 % of the time. It would appear you lose more hands, more money with the spit 8's strategy.

  12. Have a basic plan and stick with it. Black Jack goes 3 ways. All for the House, Back and Forth, and every once in a while, it Goes all Your Way. When you have a streak of luck, jump on it with both feet and bet your balls off !

  13. You gave the win probability on 16 vs dealr 10, but what is the win probability if you Stand? I guess worse? Basic strat says to hit on the hard 16 vs dealer 10. And it says always to split 8s. Also, always double on 11. Great videos btw and thanks!

  14. Good content, well presented. This was one of the few experts to acknowledge a bad hand is a bad hand, you can only minimise the number of times you lose with it. For example, holding a 12 against a dealers 2 or 3 is simply a bad hand. Basic strategy tells you to hit it, but so few players actually do. It's a bad hand! You will just lose slightly less often than if you stand. If you can understand that principle, you will be less inclined to disregard basic strategy.

    Varying your bet is another important principle. Winning and losing comes in streaks. When you win, press some of your winnings. Keep pressing each win until you lose the bet, at which time return to minimum bet. You want to lose big bets, not small ones. Losing big bets, you have made a bundle on the way to making it big. Losing multiple small bets is the killer.

  15. It seems to me that you shouldn't increase your bet (by splitting) when the dealer has a strong card (A, 8,9,10). Doubling down with an 11 is different.

  16. I never used to split 8 8 against a dealer's 10 until I watched another video of Tamburin saying to do it. Against my better judgement, I started to try it and I will say that I probably won 75% of the time that I did it whereas in those instances, if I had hit it with one card. I would have busted most of those times. Weird

  17. I always cringe when I see people not double down on a 11 against a ten. And people always look at me funny when I hit a soft 18 against a dealers 9. Its all about BBJS and odds for me…..

  18. All of the blackjack strategies including card counting give you a tiny percentage advantage…….OVER THE LONG RUN, like if you play for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. These strategies do not effect the average player who plays for an hour or 2 or until you run out of money on the weekend.

  19. Actually the most misplayed hands that I see is people standing on 16 or less against a 7, 8 or 9. I see them standing on 14 against a 7 and they don't have any idea how bad that is. The way I like to explain 16 against 7, is to compare it to 16 against 10. 16 against 10 is by the way NOT the worst hand, that would be 16 against ace. But anyway, 16 against 10 is a lose-lose proposition, because there are only 5 cards that don't bust you if you hit, and even if you don't bust, you're still probably in bad shape. Because the dealer is likely to end on 20. So even if you turn your 16 into a 17 or 18, you're still probably going to lose…. but against a 7,if you turn your 16 into a 17 you very likely turned a loss into a push, and if you turn it into an 18 you very likely turned it into a win, since it's MUCH more likely to end on 17 starting from 7 than it is starting from 10. And so the bottom line is, if you hit a 16, even if you don't bust, you're still in bad shape against a 10, but against a 7, you probably turned a loss into a win. That's why it is very beneficial to hit on 16 against 7. And if you should hit on 16 against 7, you definitely should hit on anything less than that. Then again these people, I've seen them stand on SOFT 16s.

  20. The people who are disagreeing with Henry are either Casino Boss or a player that wants to burn their money

  21. Why every time I play blackjack the dealer has a 90% chance of having a 20 and 10% chance of getting blackjack

  22. Some Guaranteed ways to lose and have a frown as you lose 1. stay too long

    2. get addicted to slots.

    3. playing BJ at tables with AUTOMATIC CONSTANT SHUFFLING MACHINES and / or

    BJ TABLES THAT ONLY PAY OUT 2:1 for a BlackJack

    If you're up any amount that rings your bell, leave and leave gambling for the whole day.

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    But don't play slots: AmericanCasino Guide has videos 'TOP 20 Slot Machine Mistakes!! '. They are too fastpaced and sneaky …Not fun and they're guaranteed to take all your $$๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ…..

    So; leave if you're ahead–๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’‹ ๐Ÿ‘”๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘›๐Ÿ›๐Ÿป๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ” You've had your fun, why spoil it!!

    Enjoy your life, leave and do tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car detailed, or take the kids to a movie,

    ballgame or swimming.

    Budget! Plan ahead and only take and spend your


    Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

    EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

    But I know it's hard to remember the correct rules, strategies and even ( in poker ) different player types and body language stories. Why not try this stress free, non competitive fun game that requires only a little bit of patience??

    Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play, is one of the best and smartest games to play if you are PATIENT!!

    Here's the secret the casinos don't want you to know !!

    –Formerly hot numbers, ALWAYS stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly all around the wheel!!

    So watch carefully and note the 'hits ' for 2 hours before supper, then go eat , and note them again and get a read on which formerly cold numbers are now heating up a little………and then strike !!

    Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

    With a small wager you cover 6 numbers, six SOON TO BE HOT numbers, we hope.


    This is a month later and here's an important addition!!
    Once you have chosen the warming numbers , those 6, in a bunch , it's vitally important to bet small SMALL and be very patient with them . You can't expect them to win immediately!!
    Keep betting them for a minimum of 12 spins and see if the ball hits or comes next to your numbers. Close is good!!
    It shows you your numbers will be hitting soon…… End of edit..

    ANOTHER THING TO WATCH IS JUST the % of BLACK or RED, hitting .

    — If black has hit and hit & hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put bets ON RED. ( tho the bet is bigger than on inside numbers โ˜”๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฝ)

    Use this slow patient ROULETTE strategy to have fun and maybe win a few bucks IN THE LONG RUN!!

    The first step is up to you. Go get a pen & paper and keep track of the 'Old Hot #'. And the 'Cold #' . Put them on a the circle on your page and then simply watch and keep track for the next couple of hours ( while you have lunch )

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