How to Play Guts Poker : Identify Bad Hands for Guts Poker

We talked about good hands for the poker variants
in guts. Now let’s talk about hands I want to say something real quick right here in
almost any type of poker you are going to fold more than 50% of the time. It doesn’t
matter what type of poker it is you should usually fold so that being the case let’s
just deal two cards off randomly at a time and say if it’s a good hand. Well, a pair
of jacks being a good hand but nine five is bad again ten three, bad. A pair of deuces
is good jack five bad, king eight I’d probably go with that, six four bad, queen six so so
we’ll put it in a good pile, eight three bad. Ace king good, ace four so so I’d probably
play it, ten four bad, seven deuce bad, jack seven so so, ace king it’s always good, queen
seven okay , nine five bad, three deuce terrible worse possible hand in this game and so on.
Most of the time you want to fold guaranteed 50% that I have dealt here more than 50% is
bad hands. Most of time in this game you should fold.

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