How to Play Guts Poker : Learn the Rules & Game play of Guts Poker

Let’s make sure that we understand how guts
is laid out. It’s simple. First comes in the ante. You need to decide how the ante should
be based upon and what your stack is or your bank roll for the given game. I want to mention
that you should probably start the ante out as low as possible for your home game because
later on we’re going to see how the price to play can get quiet expensive. In fact,
we might have to set a limit for how much you have to pay but my advice is keep the
ante to the lowest limitation you have in your home game. Two cards to everybody we decide if we like our cards as we say 1
2 3 those who are in flip over their cards, the best hand wins we’ll talk a little more
about that in a little bit.

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