How to Play Jurassic Park Danger! in 6 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl and this is Jurassic
Park Danger! an adventure strategy game for 2-5 players. In Jurassic Park Danger!, one player controls
the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, while the others are hapless humans! Humans must use their movement and special
abilities to navigate the jungles, activate locations, attain their personal goals, and
ultimately escape Isla Nublar, while avoiding the dangerous dinosaurs! The goal of the game is to win, and only one
team can! The humans win by getting a specific number
of characters to the helicopter to escape. The dinosaur player wins by eliminating three
characters. Players start the game with hands of cards
for movement and special actions, player mats to keep track of their goals and abilities,
and character movers or Dinosaurs to move around the island. Each round follows this structure:
Dinosaur player selects a card Human players select cards
Dinosaur player moves and takes one dinosaur action; and
Human players move and take free actions To start, the dinosaur player selects a card
and plays it face-down onto their mat. Next, the human players each do the same thing. Next, the Dinosaur player reveals their card
and resolves their move. They may resolve their moves in any order,
but can never move the same dinosaur twice in one round. Dinosaurs and humans have three types of moves:
run, climb, and sneak. Running moves your character or dinosaur into
an adjacent space, as long as it doesn’t cross any cliffs or electric fences. Climbing moves your character or dinosaur
across an adjacent cliff or electric fence. And finally, sneaking lets you secretly move
to a nearby space. If you sneak, turn your mover onto its side
and at the start of your next turn, reveal your mover in the same or an adjacent space. No dinosaurs can occupy the same space, but
if a dinosaur ends up on the same space as a non-sneaking human, it attacks! The Dinosaur player takes one random card
from the human player’s hand and places it into their burn pile, permanently removing
it from the game. If the human player has to lose a card, but
can’t, their character is eliminated, and they’ll respawn as a new character next
round. If two characters are in the same space, the
human players decide which character will be attacked. During the Dinosaur player’s turn, at any
time they can perform one Dinosaur action by moving the action token onto the corresponding
space. These grant special actions, like the Velociraptor,
which can move up to two spaces in a straight line, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which does double
damage when attacking, and the Dilophosaurus, which can attack a human in an adjacent space. If they choose not to use an action, move
the token to the rest space. At the end of the Dinosaur player’s turn,
they must draw a new card to refill their hand to three cards. It’s now the Human players’ turn. All Humans reveal their cards simultaneously,
then perform moves and any optional free actions in any order. Like Dinosaurs, humans can also run, climb,
or sneak, but must roll this number on their card to successfully sneak or climb. If a player tries to sneak or climb, but fails
their roll, they can choose to boost their roll by burning cards from their hand and
adding this number to their total. Unlike Dinosaurs, Humans can choose not to
move. Humans also cannot run onto a space with a
non-sneaking dinosaur, so they can play a distract card as a free action to move an
adjacent dinosaur onto their space. If a player is on a location space, they may
attempt to activate it by rolling the die, succeeding on a 5 or 6. They can do this before or after they move. Activating a location grants a one-time special
action. The maintenance shed allows the player to
choose to activate the electric fences, which stops both dinosaurs and humans from moving
through fences. The Visitors Center gives the activating player
two cards back from their discard. And Control Center places lock tokens on all
four locations, including the helicopter pad, making them safe from dinosaurs. And finally, characters can escape by activating
all three locations, achieving their goal, and reaching the helicopter pad. Each human has a different goal, and must
accomplish their goal in order to escape the island, like Ray Arnold, who must go to the
maintenance shed to collect their goal token. At the end of the Humans’ turn discard played
cards, eliminate any players without cards in hand, and then Human players may choose
to burn their cards in hand in order to draw all cards from their discard pile. Finally, all players that were eliminated
or escaped draw a new character for the next round. Now, start a new round, beginning with the
Dinosaur player selecting a card. Play continues until either the Dinosaur wins
by eliminating three characters, or the Humans win by getting a certain number of characters
off Isla Nublar. Ready to play? Assemble the game board by connecting the
frame by matching the letters. Shuffle the perimeter tiles and place them
face up inside the frame, then shuffle and place the center tiles inside the perimeter
tiles. Place the start tile in the center of the
game board. Place the die, lock, fence, helicopter, and
goal tokens next to the game board. Place the maintenance shed, control center,
and visitors center tokens, gray side up, onto the corresponding tiles. Give each Human player their character mat,
mover, goal token, and cards. Place each character mover onto the Start
Tile. Give the Dinosaur layer the Dinosaur mat,
cards, and action token. Shuffle these cards and draw three. Place the action token on the rest area. Place each Dinosaur onto the corresponding
spaces on the game board. You’re now ready to start the first round! If you liked Jurassic Park Danger, you might
also like Scotland Yard, another strategy game of sneaking and hidden movement from
Ravensburger. If you enjoyed this video, consider liking
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38 thoughts on “How to Play Jurassic Park Danger! in 6 Minutes – The Rules Girl

  1. So we use the term “Mover” now instead of “Meeple” or “Pawn/Standee”? I prefer the other terms.

  2. This game seems kind of fun. I have a little one and I think she might like this game. Nice video.

  3. THIS IS EXCITING! It looks okay at best, and it isn't exactly my style of game, but nonetheless, you give me the opportunity to play Ray Arnold and say "Hold on to your butts" and that makes me happy. Excellent video!

  4. Has a a distinctive mass market feel to it.. I think the only one who thinks this game should exist is the blood sucking lawyer..

  5. Where can we find this game? I see it was "released" on the 1st but can't find it anywhere to purchase.

  6. This actually looks rather fun. Target has a habit of getting good exclusives on odd games. This could be good to play with my kiddos.

  7. Played the game today as both. It was alright. I liked it but didmt love it. i hate being attacked after my sneak but i played before watching this and wasnt sure about it. But thanks for this new experience Jurassic Park style

  8. Question about the rules. so sneak is its own move to just turn sideways and then nexr turn, I put them back up before i do the next cards effect? which in turn gets me attacked if the opponent has a dino on my space,

  9. Another great rule explanation. For a game that I actually cannot get, even if I live in Germany where Ravensburger is located 🙁

    Can you please do Ultra-Concise Board Game Rules Explanations for Star Trek: Ascendancy and Runewars the boardgame?
    As those games are amazing but pain to ass to explain to my non boardgame friends..

  10. Looks like it has proper game rules. Sounds great. Unfortunately people in the EU have to wait until August to buy this, apparently.

  11. This game seems like a combination of the games, Redacted and Escape from Atlantis with a Jurassic Park theme. It looks interesting.

  12. I'm confused about the Humans player turn. The instructions make it seem like you only play one card per round but also lead me to believe you play multiple cards. For instance the instructions read "play optional Free actions. At the end of the round, discard all Cards played." Seems like we should play more than one card but doesn't explain if we are suppose to look at ours cards to only pick a "Free Action". Do you just keep playing all cards in your hand because you would need to play multiple to "discard ALL CARDS played." Any clarification would help. Thanks.

  13. 3:00 To clarify: if you have Run + Run and use one Run on the Velociraptor, can it move 2 more spaces with the bonus action? Or is that a passive effect that doubles the movement?
    Similarly, if you have a T-Rex run into a space with humans, can he attack on entry and then use his bonus action on two more attacks? Or is it a passive effect that doubles the attack?

  14. I was thinking about this for my 11 year old nephew but I dont think he'd be able to understand it. Sounds a little too complex to me.

  15. I impluse grabbed this from Target today. Will update this after a play threw.
    Your adorable voice, clear instructions, and short run time got you a sub!

  16. Great video! Looking at the rules I don't see anywhere where it says you can't have multiple dinosaurs on the same spot. For distractions the rules specifically say you will be attacked when distracting.

  17. I wonder if characters like Wu and (Gerry) Harding were viewed as not important enough (in the movie version) to include as playable characters in this game.

  18. I presume that "To win, the Dinosaur Player must eliminate three Characters", means precisely that: "To win, the DINOSAUR PLAYER must eliminate three characters" (as opposed the other ways of eliminating characters)?

  19. I watched this video before reading the instructions and was confused at 1:08. The first time around, I heard "Three Actions" but after learning the ling of the game, it's actually "Free Actions" which is a type of Human Player move.

  20. Thank you for this!

    Looking at the characters, John Hammond is the most useless character. If someone dies when he's in play, he loses his token, thus, he cannot be one of the escaping characters. Either he's death fodder for the dinosaurs, giving them their second kill, or he has to camp at one of the buildings and manipulate the board. Ian Malcolm is a close second to being useless because you have to predict which of your teammates will die. Unless that's John Hammond, his ability is kid of useless as well.

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