How to Play Multihand Video Poker –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial.
In this video, we’re going to teach you how to play multihand video poker. Like its name suggests, multihand video
poker is a video poker variant that allows the player to play with more than
just one hand at once. In order to launch a new game, we’ll have to decide
how many pay-lines we’d like to use. Using more than one pay-line will increase
our potential payouts but will require us to place a larger bet than unusual.
Let’s first play with only one pay-line. As you can see, the game gave us five cards.
Now our task is to decide which cards to keep and which to discard. Let’s keep the
two 9s because there’s a chance we’ll be able to create a Two Pairs winning
combination after discarding the other cards. Now as you can see, the game also held the
two 9s on the 9 hands that lie above our main hand. Let’s press “Deal” to see
what new cards we’ll receive. And now the game didn’t only replace
the cards that we discarded from our main hand, but it also gave us new
cards for our remaining hands on top. This helped us discover 3 winning
card combinations. Would we have only played with our main hand, we wouldn’t have
won anything. And this is how you play multihand video poker. The advantage of
multihand video poker is the fact that it offers greater winning odds than
normal video poker games, however it requires players to place much larger
bets than usual. If you want to learn more about video poker, then check out our
additional video tutorials and guides on our website. Thanks for watching!

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