How to Play Omaha Hi Low Poker : Learn About Drawing in the A234 Hand in Omaha Hi-Low Poker

See how that plays out. For example now you
seen me shuffle these cards, I haven’t stacked the deck so I am taking a chance here. We
may have to run it twice but let’s just deal out a random board and see what we get. Wow,
look at that we might actually win this hand we are still on a draw but we are in a straight
flush and a royal flush draw. You can see that we are weary that someone will draw to
the low, what’s the river card. Well it is the seven of diamonds but here’s the problem
we have the second nuts in this case we only have a flush to the king. And let me tell
you in Omaha if you have the second nuts and especially if you are at a full table, you
are probably beaten. Be very careful going to the showdown with the second nuts especially
in high low when there is a possible low out there. So even though if you took the high,
the pot odds will be against you going to the showdown.

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