How to Play Omaha Hi Low Poker : Learn About the A234 Hand in Omaha Hi-Low Poker

So we’re talking about Omaha high low starting
hands, deconstructing them. Let’s take a look here at a hand that is ace 2 3 4 I would probably
play this suited or not and you see I put out a rainbow hand here one card from each
suit. I play it suited or not because I have 4 cards to a low and I can scoop the pot if
I manage to make a straight, aces of 5. So I have a number of opportunities here they
are all on the low side I have ace 2 that is 2 cards to a low, ace 3 is 2 card to low,
ace 4, 4 3, 4 2 and 3 2. So if the flop comes out with 2 low cards in it I definitely want
to stay in the hand and like I said I can scoop the pot. What does that mean? Let’s
look at this board this is a board that we dealt to the river and look at that I have
a straight, I have what is called the 2nd nuts so the only hand I have to dodge is the
6 4. Let’s say I dodged it and so I have the best high hand which is ace 2 3 4 5 and I
have the best low hand. I have what is called the 5 low there by having the best high and
the best low hand I scoop the pot.

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