How to Play Omaha Poker : Deal Cards for Omaha Poker

So let’s look real quickly at an entire hand
of Omaha. We’re not going to do much betting in this hand, but we are going to have a designated
dealer, shown by the dealer button, and Omaha is a hold ’em game, which means that it’s
typically dealt with blinds instead of antes to force action, which means that there’s
a small blind, and we’ll call the small blind one chip, and a big blind–we’ll call that
two chips. Now, the cards are dealt with two down cards. The first person to receive a
card is a small blind. I’m sorry, four down cards. I was thinking Texas Hold ‘Em for a
minute. Four down cards. Everybody looks at their starting cards. You know, you’re doing
this number. You’re looking at your four starting cards instead of your two starting cards.
You’re looking at your cards here. It’s a great hand actually. And there’s a round of
betting. Let’s say everybody calls. Thing about Omaha, is what you’re doing, is you’re
using two of your down cards, and three of the cards from the board. And we’re going
to deal that real quick. Going to burn one card, deal the flop, there’s a round of betting–let’s
say everybody checks. Burn one card, deal the turn. There’s a round of betting. We’re
going to say everybody checks. You burn one card, and you deal the river. And then, you
look at the best five card hand using exactly three cards from this board, and two cards
from your down cards. Just real quick, as a sample, we’ll show that the best hand here
is–we’re going to play the pair of fours on the board. And that’s it. We’re going to
play the pair of fours, the queen, and the ten and the seven. Three cards from the board,
and two cards from my pocket cards.

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6 thoughts on “How to Play Omaha Poker : Deal Cards for Omaha Poker

  1. when i play omaha, I awlays play to see the flop…..cus for god sake….you have four cards…..u know….why not? The best thing someone can have is aces at the start, and you have fairly good chances to beat that. But if u don't get anything on the flop, play conservative!

  2. True, but i'd prefere TJQK Double Suited
    Cause of the added Straight draws, which are often more important than pairs

  3. Everything's right that you said. I just ment, i liked the hand, like you said, it's a bit about personal preference. I don't play omaha usually though. Only Hold'Em Variations

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