How to Play Omaha Poker : Play Flops in Omaha Poker

Now let’s talk about–a little more about
a wrap straight hand and how it draws on the flop. Here is another example of a wrap straight
hand. This is eight, seven, six, five. The eight and the seven are diamonds, the six
and the five are hearts. But, actually, even if I don’t get any action on my suites, I’m
pretty happy if the flop hits me with the card values. And look at this flop. We’ve
got nine, seven, four. There’s two spades and one heart on the board, so in the suites
it didn’t really hit me, but, in addition to my pair of sevens, I’ve made a number of
straight draws. And there’s no straight potential at this time, because the four is far enough
away from the seven that it can’t make a straight, I know that I have what we’ll call a power
draw. I can make a straight–if a ten comes off, or a five comes off, I can make a straight
with my eight and my six. And, if an eight comes off or a three comes off, I can make
a straight with my six and my five. So you see, this is a very powerful hand. At this
time, I am virtually a coin flip to draw out and make my straight. It’s a powerful hand.

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2 thoughts on “How to Play Omaha Poker : Play Flops in Omaha Poker

  1. not on that flop, yea, you might hit a straight, but on a large table, someone has more outs to flush, someone will have a set more than likely, to house up, if the board pairs, and even if that flop hits a straight, its not a nut straight, good concept for beginers, but not the average player

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