How to Play Omaha Poker : Pot Limit in Omaha Poker

So we’re talking about pot limit Omaha. So
what does that mean–pot limit? It means that when you bet, you can bet the minimum, which
is the big blind, and/or you can raise up to the amount of the total pot at the time
that you’re making the raise. So, let’s look at that in action. We’ve got our dealer button
out. We’ve got the dealer designated. We’ve got the small blind, and we got the big blind
out. We deal our four pocket cards to everyone, and then the person to the left of the big
blind is the first to act. Let’s say he looks at his cards, he wants to play, and he wants
to bet the pot. He says raise. And the thing about when the small blind and the big blind
are out, and no one else has entered the pot, is that an easy way to determine how much
the bet should be is to multiply the small blind times seven. So, if I put out seven chips, I’ve bet the pot. And the way
you look at that is, here are the three chips that are in the pot, and then I can raise
to here. Now let’s say the action goes on. My friends call. Some community cards are
dealt. Now, if someone wants to bet, they bet the
pot. And what’s the pot? It’s twenty-one chips, seven times three. If I say raise, I’ve got
to bet. And if I say I’ll bet the pot, it’s twenty-one chips.

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  1. What a wanka.
    That's how to play pot limit. it doesn't hav anything to do with playing omaha specifically.

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