How to Play Omaha Poker : Round I of Omaha Poker

Okay, just to recap, let’s show an Omaha hand
start to finish, and we’re not going to do any betting. We’re just going to deal it,
and we’re going to assume everybody loves their hand and has bet a lot, and it’s a monster
pot. So after the cards are shuffled,
you deal four down to each player at the table. There’s a round of betting. Once the pot’s
right, you’re going to burn one card, and then deal the flop. Flop here is jack, six,
two, it’s actually an unconnected flop, so at this time the best possible hand is if
I’m holding two jacks–in the pocket I’ll have three jacks. You burn a card, and then
you turn the turn. And look at that, there’s two jacks on the board. If I’m holding two
jacks I’ve got quad jacks and I’m really excited. You burn a card, show the River.

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