How to Play Omaha Poker : The Best Starting Hands in Omaha Poker

Let’s talk about what the best Omaha starting
hands are. Now, an Omaha hand is four cards–four starting cards–which give you, when you think
about it, six different combinations. Six different Texas Hold ‘Em hands. So, let’s
look at this. The very best hand that you can get is ace, ace, king, king, double suited.
What does that mean? I’ve got a pair of aces, I’ve got a pair of kings. I’ve got ace king
suited twice. This gives me a lot of potential to catch a draw that will be a great draw
to win the hand. You definitely want to play this hand strong. Now, very close to the hand
I just showed you, is this hand, which is ace jack suited, ace ten suited. You have
a pair of aces, and you have the suited potential, and you have a straight draw. Now, going down
the line real quickly, another good hand to look for is ace, ace, queen, queen, double
suited. King, king, queen, queen, double suited. A pair of queens and a pair of jacks, double
suited. And then finally two jacks, two tens, double suited.

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93 thoughts on “How to Play Omaha Poker : The Best Starting Hands in Omaha Poker

  1. Thanks for the great video. After repeated viewing and extensive studying of your tips my omaha game has improved dramatically. For years I had been folding all of the hands shown here. They are tough to recognize as quality hands and Im sure we all know….I advise taking this information seriously to all those who want to win at omaha poker….I vote this man a genius!

  2. This is good advice for a maybe 9 handed game, but for a six or less handed game, you can't wait for just premium hands. You sometimes in a six handed game on the button raise with KsJsQc2c. Obviously you have a danglar- the duece. But, you have to play more

  3. When U play cash games OMAHA I call every hand. I make more money off clowns with aces and kings than u can imagine. how many times I flooped nut straight or a set only to have some clown with aces go all in on th eflop while im hoilding the NUTS> IDiots. In omaha high its best to have the nuts when you bet and a draw. Like top set with flush draw. Or nut straight with bottom set. Or top two with nut flush draw. You must think what turn river can be and be ready for it.

  4. I agree that new Omaha players overplay aces and kings. I love when new Omaha player come over from playing hold'em.

  5. I prefer JT98 double suited. When you make a straight with this hand it will always be the nuts, and you got flush blockers for nutflush draws.

  6. whoever that gave a thumbs down on this dudes comment is a total fucktard. If u have all 4 freakin aces in your hand. the best you would get is a pair of pocket aces, maybe a full house if your really lucky.

  7. always the nut straight???
    what if the board comes KQJ92?
    You'l have the king high straight while somebody with ATsomething 'll have the ace high (nut)straight 😉

  8. Straights and flushes are much easier to make. Quad A's starting hand shouldn't be folded purely for the probablity of someone else hitting a straight flush which is the only hand that could beat you.

  9. The best hands are AAJTds, AAKKds, and so on. QQJJds is not really that great of a hand compared to hands that have one Nut flush draw and more cards to flop a wrap with lke A456ds, imho. QQJJds will get you in more trouble when you make flushes. You're almost rather flop a set and try to hold up.

  10. OF course AA KK Double suited is the BEST starting hand….post flop is a different story If you cannot fold aces, do no play PLO….10J98??? LOL….ok buddy…

  11. Quad A's starting hand would immediatly rule out you actually making quads. you can only use 2 cards, remember. if u get quads, or even a set as starting hand, its not helpful, cos the chances of significantly improving ur hand are small.

  12. I would say TJ98 is a much better drawing hand then AAKK double suited and if you have some of the suits that your opponent needs to make his flush that helps block him. If I were short stacked however I would fold this preflop to raise and reraise preflop though. I would call one pot sized raise with it. It is a great hand to see the flop with, but not too expensively.

  13. AAKK is the best staring hand if your just playing high hand. If your playing Hi/Lo, AAK2 double suited is the best hand

  14. AKAQ double suited I would argue is a better starting hand. Obviously it isn't actually stronger starting off, but it has more potential, as Omaha is hugely a drawing game I would prefer this hand.

  15. This is painfully bad information. JJTT? What? What the hell? The only reason you would want to play a hand with a JT in it is to draw towards a straight, in which case hands like 8 9 T J would be infinitely more useful.

  16. @fugrammer According to who? If you get JJTT double suited you have a 1/4 chance of flopping a set and that's really its only strength. If you flop a set you are still boned in a cash game at the hands of straights and flushes unless you play it aggressively and no one chases.

  17. You're so wrong man… OMAHA is usually played as OMAHA HIGH LOW, or OMAHA 8, in which the best starting hand is AA23 double suited.

  18. Uhhhhh, I would rather have the double suited wrap than 10-10-J-J double suited all day any day. I am not sure where 10-10-J-J ranks in the starting hands lineup, but it's not that high, I suspect. I hope a lot of donks who watch this crap play in my game really soon….

  19. @drgnslyr1962 lol i know but say you have the 2 of diamonds and Ad 3d 4d 5d comes down? straight flush, you win.

  20. @judojoe07 if Ad 3d 4d 5d comes down all you have is a pair of twos, because you can only use 3 of the community cards.

  21. @Parakaslt – – I don't know much about poker, but if there's a straight on the board, doesn't that mean a chopped pot? Or do you HAVE to play two hole cards in Omaha? Trying to learn…

  22. @gabeuop79 in omaha you HAVE to play 2 hole cards. Doesnt matter whats on the board. 2 cards in your hand MUST make your hand. In hold'em a straight on the board doesn't necessarily mean a split pot. if the board is 9, 10, J, Q, K… Both players would have a straight, this is true. But if one plays has A in their hand, they would take the pot with an Ace high straight.

  23. @mickey91177 i disagree. you ruin your outs for J 10 straight, you can really only go higher or lower, personally if your looking for a straight, i'de rather have 5 6 J 10, it covers the board, the only downside to this is, unless your J is suited with the 5 or 6 and the 10 suited with the other 5 or 6, it makes for a really low end flush draw on one side.

  24. @RAKIMALLAH12 it is impossible to hit a straight or flush with quads in your hand he has no suit or connectivity so he is drawing dead only 3 community cards can be used in omaha!!!

  25. @RAKIMALLAH12 No, you're wrong. Having quads as a starting hand is the worst thing. 2-2-2-2 drawing dead preflop against any other hand that has pair in it, and also has very slim chance against the hand like 3-4-8-K. With quads as a starting hand you only have one pair and will have it till the river.

  26. @julepeypoker
    first of all i dont tell it that i am pro. i am an amature.i dont know well the definitions.

  27. If you really want to learn omaha, just join the best pokerschool in the web, PokerStrategy: fi.pokerstrategy. com/u4L09H

  28. @Parakaslt what a donk , isn't 100% vs 0% , coz if it's down 3 4 5 6 J , the "2 2 2 2 " won with a straight

  29. @valuero what a donk, you have 2 use 2 of your own cards in omaha…your hand would be 22J65…so yes it is 100%

  30. @benjspurs yeah your right, since u have to use 2 cards, theres no straight draw, no flush draw, no trips or quads, no matter the board AA wins. any pair higher then 2 is 100% against 2222

  31. @TheLennonlegends no you can only use two of your hole cards to make a hand so having quads in your hand doesnt count as quads on the showdown, it basically means you have two pairs of pocket aces with no possibility of hitting trips, its actually a very bad situation

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  33. I don't think AKs + AKs is the best hand because Omaha is usually a limit game so you want to have the most outs to draw by the river. You are not going to win a show down holding a single pair period! So having 2 A and 2 K as your hole cards limits your outs of hitting a A or K and makes it near impossible to hit a full house. The best hand would be AKs + JTs or AJs + KTs.

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  35. My favorite hand AA-KQ's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And T9-87's, 98-76's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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