How to Play Omaha Poker : Tips for Playing Omaha Poker

Now just to drive the point home, because
this can be sort of a sticking point, something that can trip you up when you start to play
Omaha–the first few times you play Omaha you might have trouble remembering this–you
cannot play the board. Let’s look at this. This board came out a straight, actually.
Eight, seven, six, five, four. But, we’re playing Omaha not Texas Hold ‘Em, so I cannot
play the board. I must make my best hand with three cards from the community cards, three
cards from the board, and two cards from my pocket cards. So, in this case, I don’t have
a straight. I actually have but a pair of sixes. Ace six from my pocket cards, and then
the six from the board, and the next two highest cards. As a matter of fact, with that hand,
probably want to give it up. Throw it away pretty early.

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