How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Weaknesses & Resistances in Pokemon TCG

Let’s talk about weakness and resistance.
When you attack or when you are defending your Pokemon has a resistance. Your Pokemon
are located on the bottom of the card called the retreat card. If you look my Pokemon here
has a weakness of fighting type and has a resistance to metal type Pokemon. Unless there
is a number beside it the weakness or resistance is automatically 20. In this Pokemon’s case
I actually have a resistance to metal of 30. So let’s say my opponent attacks me with this
Nideran which is actually a metal type Pokemon. It makes his attack, and scratches for 10.
I have a resistance of 30 which means I don’t take any damage at all because I take 30 off
whatever the number is they attack with. If he were attacking for 40 for 30 points of
damage then I would only take 10 because my resistance is 30 and this is where the math
plays a big part. If the Pokemon that is attacking is one that I have a weakness to that means
that I automatically take 20 more damage than what the Pokemon is attacking with. So if
this Rhyhorn is hitting me with its horn drill, I am going to take 40 points of damage, not
just 20.

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55 thoughts on “How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Weaknesses & Resistances in Pokemon TCG

  1. Screw these new peices of shit…. all of the new ones vs the orginal 150 the orginal ones would FUCK IM UP

  2. @xiFLaWLeSs there are pokemon like that i think there called delta speis a have a few of them like a fire type ralts

  3. @Morphae hey bud the new cards are definetly not crap and this is comin fom a pokemon fan ever since it came out. but answering to your question yes and no yes you have to new cards if your gonna play in modified tournaments and no you dont have to for pokemon leugue and open/unlimited tournaments/games

  4. they got they facts wrong
    normally nidoran (not sure if that is spelt correctly) is a fighting poison type normally they give it it's main attribute so it will be fighting or poison not steel

  5. last time i checked it was still based off the attack energy required not the pokemons actual type for when weakness and resistance come into play but then again i haven't played since the pkmn tcg for the gameboy pocket….

  6. @LEGITxGENGAR WEAKNESS X2?! what the f**k are you saying?! the automatic value is 20, X2 is really RARE, and it has to SAY that it is X2 not +20!

  7. @xiFLaWLeSs There were cards off the delta series which were made with different types for example a thunder type flarigator

  8. I tried playing this when I was younger, but the types of monster/weakness/resistance is off a lot so I never could really get into it.

  9. @warriors1029 hitpoints that's where you subtract the attack damage from (after considering weakness, resistance…), you have to keep an account of how much hp is left . 0 hp means knocked out, thus you'll have to discarde that pokemon.

  10. @gohaster Think twice. All cards older than diamond and pearl (that means rocket, fossil, jungle, base, gym challenge, heroes, Neo destiny, revelation, discovery, genesis, skyridge, aquapolis, expedition, power keepers, dragon frontiers, crystal guardians, holon phantoms. legend maker, delta species, unseen forces, emerald, deoxys, rockets return, frlg, hidden legends, magma&aqua, dragon, sandstorm and Ruby&Sapphire) hase weakness x2. nor +20. +20 is a "new" thing because x2 sucks…

  11. @shedinjasweeper 2 things to reply: 5 MONTHS AGO 2: i have 5 freaking rulebooks. read an old rulebook idiot ¬¬

  12. @2XxBOOMxX8 You do need a energy to attack like if you had her Plusle and you wanted to use the move "Body Bolt" you would need to 2 Electric energys cards Attached to "your" Plusle before you could attack. You can tell what kind or How many energys you need by just looking to the left of that attack And it will show you. Hope this helped.

  13. @crabsinthebucket No Nidoran is a poison type But some pokemon cards have a different element than a normal card. Such as a steel type pikachu or a electric type charmander, Or in this case a steel type nidoran.

  14. @StarcraftGuys well, in the new expansions almost every single card is x2… that's why i prefere the (not too) old expansions

  15. @BoyMisteryo63 No, that's steel, and it's been around since Gen 2 (Gold + Silver). Metal is just the name they gave the energy.

  16. ok so lets say the attacking pokemon is water type and the defending pokemon is fire type and has a weakness to fighting, if the attacking pokemon uses a move that requires a fighting energy does that move apply the weakness damage for fighting even if its not a fighting type?

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