How to Play Pyramid Poker : Playing Pyramid Poker Early in the Hand

Jacks sixes and what this means is these cards
are not in play the fact that they both have to be clubs does not matter. All jacks are
wild; all sixes are wild of course except for these particular jacks and sixes. Let’s
look where people stand oh my, the small blind has hit the jackpot; he has three wild cards
and a pair of fives. You need to decide before you pitch your hand of pyramid if five of
a kind is a illegal hand for the game. I like to play that it is not cause it cannot be
made naturally. So that player is in good shape as you can imagine probably no one else
has a wild cards. This player has a six, this player no wild cards but he has some that
are grouped there and this is you. So you might still be well of course a normal wise
player would bet away with this hand and would try to take the pot down now. But we’re all
going to check to move on with the experiment and we’ll turn over the cards in the middle.
We have a thee of spades, a ten of clubs; a four of spades and these are all the community
cards. These three cards that we share we’ll continue with this hand of pyramid in the
next segment.

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