How to Play Pyramid Poker : Sample 2 of a Pyramid Poker Hand

Let us continue with this sample hand of pyramid.
We stopped in the middle where we found out that the community cards, we turn all the
community cards faced up. So we can see what players hand values are let’s start with the
small blind, this person thinks to their four is wild. He currently has three eights, eight
eight and eight. The big blind actually has a full house at this time, three’s are wild
so he has three tens and this ace matches the one on the board, it’s a full house. He
wants to bet away try to take down the hand right now, the next player also has three
eights, thanks to the four being wild.
Our dealer at this time only has a pair of sixes now let’s just say that this whole table
is the tightest players in the world. There’s no betting everybody checks and we go the
bottom of the pyramid and we find out which cards get killed. First card is a deuce all
two’s are gone and all two’s were out there. But none of these folks were playing a two
no bug deal, the next card valued to be killed, nines. All nine’s are gone only one nine was
in play and it wasn’t really being used no big deal. Nines again no worries, now fives
all fives now dead but nobodies made hand got changed. So since we already know the
hand values we know that this full house right here takes the pot and that is how you win
a hand of pyramid.

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