How to Play Pyramid Poker : Strong Starting Hands in Pyramid Poker

So we know when we should play careful most
of the time we should play careful early in a hand of pyramid. Let’s say there are times
when we should not play so quite carefully. What are the hands that you should play strongly
push when it’s early in a hand of pyramid. You look down at your five hand cards well,
you can take it from me and I’m not a world champion yet. But here are some hands that
it would be good to play strongly even early in a hand of pyramid. Basically what it breaks
it down to is if you have a good made hand bet away and see if you can get some of your
opponent to fold. Hands like these: four kings you are not going to be dealt four kings very
often or four of a kind at all very often when you are dealt five cards. A full house
here we have sevens full of deuces, again this will be strong hand to catch in just
five cards. Go ahead and bet and try to win that hand right away. A flush especially ace
high if you are dealt frankly any kind of a flush when it’s just five cards go ahead
and bet away. Because you don’t want your opponent to have a opportunity to catch up
to you. A straight again it’s a good made hand bet don’t let your opponent catch up
to you. It’s better to win a small pot than to loose a big one as we like to say. Finally
another example leaving out a hand like three of a kind for example cause that would be
a good one also to push with two pair. If you catch two pair before any of the board
cards are turned over in the game of pyramid, bet try to take down the pot right away. So
basically what we’re trying to say is any made hand other than a pair bet away try to
take down the pot so you do not let your opponents catch up to you.

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