How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : How to Deal in Roller Coaster Poker

So we played this hand of roller coaster through
round three and let’s proceed. Round four is a 4th card to everyone and it’s low ball
with my pair of nines I’m not going to play this round. This pair of sevens won’t play
this round. You have a queen low but you know I have a pair of nines and you know from the
previous hand this person has a king low. So as a matter of fact none of us want to
play because our hands are working high so you are the only one who stays in you take
the pot of eight. Because of the winnie rule or the punishment rule, the rest of us have
to match the pot of eight so we put out three whites, one blue. The pot grows from eight
to twenty four and then for round five everybody is in an automatic showdown so you can even
choose to deal this last card up. Let’s turn the hand over remember it’s high hand this
time and let’s see who wins. I have a pair of nines with jack eight and four, here is
a pair of sevens a pair of sevens won’t beat a pair of nines so that’s in the muck. This
player picked up a pair of deuces again in the muck and let’s see if you picked up another
ace and you did,congratulations you beat me with a pair of aces. I won $25,000 in cable

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