How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : How to Play a Hand in Roller Coaster Poker

We have been discussing roller coaster. We
played a sample hand so I want to make sure that the way you play this game is driven
home so we’re going to do one more sample hand to close out the series, let’s begin.
The ante is one white chip. We’ll call it a penny, dollar or whatever you want to call
it and then round one begins. Now like before we’re going to show the cards and state whether
logically someone would play for this round. Round one is one of the high rounds you and
I would not play cause I have seven and you have a deuce. The queen and jack would play,
the queen wins, the jack has to pay the four chips. On to round two, let’s look again instead of doing this 1 2
3 reveal we’re just going to state whether some one would logically play, I have seven
deuce. I would play the low. Queen eight would not, jack eight would likely not and you with
four deuce would definitely play you and I would both play, you win the hand (win the
round) you won four chips and I would have to match the pot with four chips. Now onto
round three, back up the hill as I deal the cards you can hear the clickety clack of the
roller coaster chain and let’s see if I have a playable high hand. I have a pair of deuces
I’m going to play, queen nine eight would probably play and a pair of jacks would certainly
play. Your a two three four so you are low you are not going to play so at last my deuce
is loose to jacks so the jacks win the four chips. I have to pay four and the person on
my left have to pay four and the pot grows to eight, we’ll discuss the rest of the hand
in the next segment.

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