How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Identify a Good High Round in Roller Coaster Poker

You know it’s a good idea to know that when
you play a particular type of poker what good hands are in that game. Roller coaster the
good hands change from round to round, round one you want high cards and in round two you
want low cards three high and so forth. You know what it’s probably pretty easy to know
what the good hands for high card are ace right, king, queen, jack and statistically
speaking if I was in a four handed game I’d play tens. This game can be played with as
many as eight players if I was in an eight player game and was the first round I probably
not play a ten. But these are good starting hands for round one, round two’s are lows
so let’s cut to round three. Real good hand it’s a three of a kind if you manage to get
that lucky of course you are going to play. Some other good options are ace king queen,
ace jack ten pretty much any ace and then even a pair of three’s would be reasonable
to stay in with. Especially when you consider that if you were in round one say with a nine
and you were really loose then you know what hands you are likely up against. What is really
good is any set of three even two’s so keep that in mind that is a playable hand in round
three of roller coaster.

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