How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Identify a Good Low Round in Roller Coaster Poker

We talked about good high hands for roller
coaster so let’s discuss good low hands. In round two, the best possible hand if the aces
are low is a two low. A two low since there is two cards, it’s always going to be a two
and an ace. This would be the best possible low hand for round two. You can also go with
three low, a four low and a five low and when you get to round four it gets a little more
involved. If you ever played Rass is which is a low ball stud variant, then you know
that a good low hand is an eight low, seven low, six low and the best low hand is a five
low. You know a nine low is a borderline but if you have this and you were in round two
and you have the information of generally what your opponents have for round two you
might know that a nine low is certainly playable. But you would be better off if you had an
eight low and more over than an eight low than a three you would always play if you
had the best possible hand for round four, which is a four low. Four, three, deuce, ace
best possible hand in round four for roller coaster.

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