How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Learn About the Match Limit Rule in Roller Coaster Poker

We have been discussing roller coaster I hope
that you enjoy it. We should now talk about how having a match limit rule. The reason
being that let’s say you are in a eight handed game and of course after each round those
that play have to match the pot. Let’s say hypothetically that after round one everybody
stays in and there is one winner who takes the eight chips that were anted, takes them
from the pot. Everybody else now has to put eight out there, what’s seven times eight,
fifty something right just kidding fifty six. So everybody puts eight out we go from eight
to fifty six now the eight players in our game don’t have a whole lot of chips in front
of them. And already we have a pot with fifty six in it this guy here has thirty four chips
he can’t match the pot next time so I suggest a match limit. Say ten or twenty so whatever
works for your game in your situation.

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