How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Learn About the One Rider for Roller Coaster Poker

Here is a question for you. We’re playing
roller coaster we come up to one of the rounds it’s not the last round, it’s not round 5.
At the point of deciding whether you are in or you’re out we say 1 2 3 we all open our
hand and only one person has a chip in their hand. At that time with no competitors doesn’t
have to show his hand and he takes the pot and the pot is empty cause there is no one
to match. Well the question is what do you do with this time, there is a couple of remedies.
One is really no remedy at all the hand is over you shuffle the cards move on to the
next game. Two is a rule that you ante all the time, ante all the time means that after
every round or next you put out an ante. That would remedy the issue of the pot going empty
and the hand having to stop. Lastly what you can do is say if one person takes the pot
and it’s in the middle of the hand I guess everybody else has to match the pot. Decide
it your way play it your way but make sure you have it figured out before you get to
that point in your hand.

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