How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Learn the History of Roller Coaster Poker

Roller coasters are fun, right? Actual roller
coasters with hills and maybe loops and tunnels to go through, I find them fun. Of course,
that’s because my synapses is wired a certain way. You might not find them so fun. There
is a card game of poker variant called “Roller Coaster” that I think everybody whether you
like the real roller coaster or not would find exciting. Roller coaster falls in to
kind the miscellaneous category of poker variants. Like “Guts”, which is discussed in another
series I did for Expert Village. Today we’ll look at Roller Coaster, how it provides twists
and turns, which I love in a poker variant. How to play it well and you know how it’s
dealt so without further ado, let’s ride the roller coaster.

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