How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Understand Round Five of Roller Coaster Poker

We’re playing the poker variant Roller Coaster.
We’ve gone round one high, round two low, round three high, round four low, what happens
on round five? Well you probably guessed that it’s high hand again. The way that it works
is that everybody gets their fifth card and because there’s no more money that you can
lose everybody’s automatically in so you don’t have to do this bit right here. Everybody
just is in and you show your hands. Well let’s see who wins this hand. We know our pal to
my left has queens and fives, he caught a king. In the end that was no help. My king
high is junk. This person over here didn’t get better than the pair of sevens. And what
do you have, well you wound up with a pair of threes, so queens and fives takes the pot
and the roller coaster ride is finished.

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