How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Understand Round Three of Roller Coaster Poker

Okay, we’re riding the poker Roller Coaster
and we played round one which was at the top of a hill. Round two, which was down in a
trough and now we’re going back up to round three and as the chains are going clickity-clack
I’m going to deal the third card. And the way that this works is that round three is
the best high hand again. The best possible high hand that would be an actual poker hand
at this time would be three of a kind. So if you have a pair or three high cards you’re
in really good shape. Here’s three high cards that I have, king-jack-nine. I’m probably
going to stay in, right? So let’s say that we secretly place our chip or don’t and we
say one, two, three and you stay in and this person stays in. We secretly show each other
our cards so that this player doesn’t know what we have. And let’s say we’re doing this
in secret, there’s my hand, king-jack-nine. You stay in because you have that ace. And
this guy plays his two queens plus a five so he wins the pot and you have to match the
pot which was eight and I have to match the pot which was eight. So you can see how the
pot can grow and how the roller coaster gets more thrilling and thrilling. Let’s see
what happens in round four.

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