How to Play Roller Coaster Poker Game : Understand Round Two of Roller Coaster Poker

Okay, let’s go on to round two of Roller Coaster.
The way that it’s played is another card is dealt to every player. We all look at our
hands again. Right here I have king-nine, now this may have been a pretty good hand
in round one, but for round two the best low hand takes the pot. Let’s look at the other
player’s hands. Seven-two, that’s a good low hand. Pair of queen’s not so much, and then
here’s what you have. Okay, now we secretly place a chip in our hand or don’t and we say
one, two, three, if we’re in we have a chip in our hand. We’ll say that the three of us
played this hand and this person isn’t going to see our cards and the person with the best
low hand is ace-three. You’ll need to decide if aces are going to be played high and low
or just high. We’re going to say high and low so you win the pot. I have to match and
this person here has to match and now it’s on to round three.

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